Liina Klauss

German visual artist Liina Klauss uses lost and discarded objects, found and re-contextualised within the natural environment. liina translates rubbish into rainbows exploring the intersection of culture and nature and perceptions of beauty and destruction. She has found a visual language for the pervasive impact of humans on the natural world. In 2011 Liina started to make shockingly beautiful land-art from marine debris on Hong Kong beaches. Today liina creates everything from delicate mosaics to large scale public installation, using colour-bombing techniques with marine debris as a medium. 

Liina collaborates with schools, universities, corporations and communities, offering immersive experiences merging art, awareness and activism. She is known to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds, utilizing an artist’s perspective and positive creative action to raise sensitivity both for plastic pollution and the natural world.

Involuntary Pairs, bottle cap - pink shell, © Liina Klauss
Involuntary Pairs, bottle cap – pink shell, © Liina Klauss
Involuntary Pairs, © Liina Klauss
Involuntary Pairs, © Liina Klauss

Liina had her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2013 and since then her environmental installations have been part of multiple festivals, art-shows and international conferences in South-East Asia.

At present she lives between Hong Kong and Bali, Indonesia.

Lost'n'found, © Liina Klauss
Lost’n’found, © Liina Klauss