Gonzalo Reyes Araos


A camera installed in the desert will follow the path of the sun steadily focusing on its center, from dawn to sunset. Thus, the sun will be monitored through the Internet.

This project is the beginning of a more significant investigation, which contemplates a future development in which the artist will build a device (a sort of screen) specially conceived to contemplate the light of the sun through the Internet.

«As a migrant, I have always wanted to recover something that I have left in my country to share it with my new friends abroad. The sun of Atacama, a radiant pearl, magnificent fire, especially yearning during the cold and dark Berlin’s winter days. The Atacama Desert was the scene of an important stage of my life and the current home of my mother. With whom I maintain periodic conversations through a screen using contemporary communication systems, which try to reproduce our daily lives and personal relationships. From this perspective, this work emphasizes the absurd pretension of replacing natural phenomena by their conceptual presence on our screens. Thus, this project pretends to share elements of nature such as light, through technologies that express a «new source of illumination,» the light of the screen.»

Gonzalo Reyes’ work focuses contemporary forms of communication that have conditioned and redefined human relationships. He works in a multidisciplinary approach, ranging from painting to installations, using elements borrowed from the usual means of communication, -screens, video conference devices-, to share natural events “broadcasted” through long distances. Thus generating parallel and ubiquitous dimensions amplifying the relationships we maintain with spiritual experiences through the technology. At this point, Gonzalo considers the binary code as a metaphor for our apparent reality, a point at which rational logic intersects with an emotional dimension.

Gonzalo Reyes Araos was born in 1980, in Quilpué, Chile. He studied Bachelor of Arts at the School of Fine Arts of Valparaiso, where he received his diploma in 2014. He has received numerous awards, among which are the Geumcheon Art Space Seul Residence Grant, granted by the Seoul Art and Culture Foundation, South Korea; Prix Découverte Fellowship, Commission d’Assistance du Livre et Bande Dessinée of the French Community of Belgium, as well as honorable mentions in Corral and Su Bahía and in the VI Juan Francisco Gonzalez painting contest. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, including the First Art Biennial of Shandong, China; Losito Kunstprei; Social Geometrism, Kunstamspreeknie Festival in Berlin; Paint Like You Mean It in Interviewroom 11, Edinburgh, Scotland; Pantocrator Gallery at Zendai Himalayas Center, Shanghai, China. Reyes Araos has exhibited in galleries, cultural centers and art fairs such as Mass Art Museum in Yinan China; Gilla Lörcher Gallery, Berlin; Löwenpalais Lounge Stiftung Starke, Berlin; Maison de l’Amerique Latine, Brussels; Balmaceda 1215 Valparaíso; SWAB Barcelona; Screen Festival Barcelona, among others. 

He lives and works in Berlin.


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