H is a temporary art residency project based in the Atacama Desert, in Chile. It aims to establish a pole of international artistic research focused on the cultural and natural landscape of the region. In its first edition, H invites four artists from diverse provenances to experience different forms of production combining art, science, technology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, geology and astronomy, and to reflect from the geographical, historical and cultural wealth that the driest desert in the world offers.

H is part of SACO contemporary art festival and shares its social, community and educational values, contributing the diffusion of contemporary art in the region. The residence has its base in Calama, a key point connecting the coast, Antofagasta city, the villages of the desert and the Andes range. Thus, H opens its doors during June and July, time in which the participants will carry out art research in the area.

Besides the experimental work on the region, the artists will hold a talk in a public school in Calama, and in the frame of practical workshops for children interested in art. Thus, the international character of  H, promotes multiculturalism in the region of Antofagasta and supports the education and the diffusion of contemporary art in an informative and interactive way.  

H residency will be operative from June 1 to July 31, 2018. During this time it provides accommodation to the artists at its residence settled in Yaru 1035, Sector Cobija Poniente, Calama, Chile.

The invited artists for H 2018 program are Shingo Yoshida, Felix Kiessling, Chan Sook Choi and Gonzalo Reyes Araos, who, after one month and half of work, will present a collective exhibition showing part of their research. In this time, the show will be held in the Chela Lira exhibition hall of the Universidad del Norte, Antofagasta.